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bowen escorts advocate classifieds

She was admitted to the Maryland Bar in She enlisted in the Army Reserve in and subsequently deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm with the Connecticut Army National Guard in as a combat medic.

She attended the Intelligence Officer Basic Course in and was selected to attend the Counterintelligence Officer Course that same year. In , she was promoted to captain.

During law school, she served as a county commissioner and was elected as the national chair of the National Black Law Students Association for two terms. She traveled to Egypt and Jordan as a U.

She served as defense counsel, legal assistance attorney, Physical Evaluation Board attorney and branch head at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Her next assignment was as Defense Counsel in Yokosuka, Japan, where she was selected into the military justice litigation career track. She was the Naval Legal Service Command's junior officer of the year in Under the strategic direction of senior Air Force leadership, he aids in the development, coordination and execution of Air Force professionalism efforts through the Enhancing Human Capital initiative and Professionalism Strategic Roadmap.

He facilitates professional development and leadership courses around the world, supporting all Air Force major commands and affecting more than , total force airmen. He was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. Castille amassed more than 4, curriculum teaching hours as a weapons maintenance Instructor at Tyndall Air Force, Florida. After four years of career broadening in professional military education, he ventured back in the armament systems world at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, leading a weapons section, before moving on to his current position.

He holds Associate in Applied Science degrees in armament systems and in instructor of technology and military science from the Community College of the Air Force, an Associate in Arts degree in social science from Gulf Coast Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree in workforce education and development from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Science degree in human resource management from Troy University.

His duties include research and teaching in the general area of environmental engineering and science, with a particular focus on the use of bacteria to degrade or detect water pollutants. His research is internationally-acclaimed. He has generated 73 publications, including 41 peer-reviewed journal articles, and he has been awarded with numerous competitive research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles; a Master of Engineering degree in civil and environmental engineering from Cornell University; and a doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

He has taught numerous courses in water quality, microbiology and environmental policy. He is a licensed professional engineer, and has also mentored at-risk youth, including long-term inmates at San Quentin state penitentiary, middle school students in rural Alabama, young people in the Manchester area of Pittsburgh, and youth in Huron, Ohio, as part of outreach activities with the Old Woman Creek Estuary Research Reserve.

Harper is an associate editor for Water Science and Technology, an international journal that publishes peer-reviewed papers on various aspects of water and wastewater treatment. He also works on numerous proposal review panels and volunteer committees, and he serves AFIT in a number of key roles, including as laboratory supervisor and as the curriculum committee chair for the Environmental Engineering and Science Program.

During this tour, he was promoted to sergeant. His duties included oversight of 15 police substations, prisoner transfers and the release program. In , as a master sergeant, he reported to 3rd Marine Division, Headquarters Battalion, where he served as the maintenance management chief. His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star in lieu of second award, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of second award, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with gold star in lieu of second award, and the Volunteer Service Medal, which he earned through involvement with numerous community projects and youth sport mentorship programs.

In this capacity, she serves as the principal legal advisor to the chancellor and commander on all legal matters such as military justice, civil law, ethics, labor law affecting the command, which includes more than 2, military and civilian personnel worldwide. While at Princeton, she was a four-year member of the varsity swimming team. She graduated from Princeton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics, holds a Master of Arts degree summa cum laude in applied behavioral science from Wright State University.

She entered active duty in July , serving as an Intelligence officer at the National Air Intelligence Center, and she later deployed as a theater collections officer to the Balkans Combined Air Operation Center.

She was designated as a judge advocate in and has held positions at the wing and numbered air force levels, as well as the,Air Force headquarters and Defense Department activity levels.

Skow, formerly of Tipp City, Ohio, and they have two children. Smith works in concert with the five program executive offices responsible for all naval ship construction to integrate environmental safety and occupation health risk management into the overall systems engineering and acquisition processes across ships life cycle.

She revival of the Programmatic Environmental Safety Health Evaluation Template into a robust working document, including a simplified acquisition chart that illustrates the creative evolution of necessary environmental safety and occupation health documentation, critical to ensuring that acquisition programs do not miss mandatory requirements that can become extremely expensive to retrofit.

She also has an active role in developing a set of leadership operating principles designed to improve organizational effectiveness and promote a sustainable culture of leadership at every level.

She has personally trained 53 supervisors on the meaning, spirit and intent of these operating principles and continues to champion practical implementation with the entire workforce. Her previous assignments include tours of duty in many locations, including:. Active in her community, Smith volunteers for the Central Union Mission, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that sponsors family ministries, operates an emergency shelter program, and runs a food, clothing and furniture distribution center and programs for isolated seniors.

He was born Jan. Upon graduation, he was advanced to petty officer second class and transferred to Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Illinois.

While assigned there, he served as a ward corpsman, and in February , he deployed to Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an individual augment, where he provided care to detainees and served as fire warden in direct support for staff members.

Jean-Gilles volunteered a second time and deployed in January with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Division, to Fallujah, Iraq as a member of the training cadre, where he trained more than Iraqi security forces personnel on tactical combat casualty care.

When he returned to Great Lakes, he was selected to serve as leading petty officer for the internal medicine clinic. In May , he transferred to Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan, where he advanced to petty officer first class and was assigned as leading petty officer in behavioral services. In August , his fourth deployment was with Regimental Combat Team 5, 1st Marine Division, where he served as leading petty officer of the shock-trauma platoon and Enlisted Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist coordinator.

In August , upon his return from his deployment, he transferred to Global Service Assignment orders to Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center Norfolk Forward, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany, where he served as leading petty officer for the inpatient unit while simultaneously serving as command career counselor.

In March , he reported to Naval Hospital Rota, Spain, where he served as leading petty officer for the medical services directorate. In , he was selected to serve at U. He served as leading petty officer for Mobile Care Team 6 and later was selected for promotion to chief petty officer.

He also served as acting command master chief and deployed to Oman in support of Native Fury Upon completion of his tour in June , he was selected to be a senior chief petty officer and was transferred to his current tour Assignment. He previously served as the operations officer.

McBride majored in human services with an emphasis in psychology at Martin Methodist College in May From May to February , he worked as a case manager and co-therapist with Jefferson, Blount, and St. Clair County Mental Health Authority as a part of Project Family Integrity Network Demonstration, providing mental health services for children, adolescents and their families and aid in prevention of out-of-home placement.

He then continued to Marine Corps Communications Electronics School, graduating as a data network administrator and receiving the Warrior Award.

In June , he was assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 1st Marine Division, where he was assigned as a data network administrator within the communications platoon. There, he served as the Headquarters Company supply officer, and shortly after, as regimental supply officer. McBride deployed to Liberia in January as an individual augment in support of Operation Onward Liberty, where he served as a brigade mentor to the Liberian armed forces to assist with the development of a national military that is responsible, operationally capable and respectful of civilian authority and the rule of law.

In May , he was assigned to 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion as the using-unit supply officer. McBride holds multiple credentials as a firearms instructor and serves as a volunteer firefighter. Additionally, he serves as a volunteer coach for basketball and volleyball at his community recreation center and is active at the Onslow Community Soup Kitchen. Army National Guard Sgt. In February , Ramirez mobilized again, this time to Afghanistan, as a heavy vehicle driver with the th Transportation Company, Duluth, Minnesota.

Ramirez has earned numerous decorations, awards and citations in his year military career. She is responsible for sexual assault awareness, prevention, and response preparedness throughout a command that trains more than 8, Marines a year, many of them in the age group of 18 to 22, which is particularly at risk for sexual assault.

Her work with nonprofit organizations as a program developer and manager began in February , as the crisis intervention counselor for victims of rape and sexual assault for the Mercer County Rape Crisis Program in Trenton, N. For more than five years, she provided crisis intervention and referral and follow-up services, facilitated community prevention and education workshops, and developed campaigns on prevention and risk reduction. In February , she worked with Head Start Inc.

Stephens and her family moved to Marietta, Georgia, in August , and she continued with her work in support of nonprofit organizations with Samaritan House of Atlanta. For more than nine years, she served as program director of employment readiness, a career development and employment readiness program servicing homeless men and women. Avery files for divorce against Juliette.

Avery wants full custody of Cadence, his lawyer says it will be hard, and that Juliette will fight it, but Avery knows she won't. Rayna takes the kids to see Teddy, where Daphne is very happy to see him, but Maddie is not. Daphne asks Teddy if he really did those things, and he has to tell her he did.

She says she hates him, and runs away. Maddie and Daphne are ripping up all the pictures of them with Teddy, as they say he is not their father anymore. At Will and Kevin's lunch party, Will is yelled at for hiding since he came out.

Gunnar shows up and comforts her. Juliette can not stop the crazy partying. Scarlett tells Gunnar she feels bad that she always hated her mother, and now it is too late. Kevin tells Will that he could be a good advocate for the gay community, and that he is doing nothing. Emily sees Avery's divorce papers, and tells him that no matter what it looks like, Juliette wanted Cadence, and she wanted Avery, so make no mistake.

Scarlett tells Deacon that she has made the decision to take Beverly off life support, making him extremely upset, because he feels like he killed her.

Will tells Kevin he is scared, and doesn't know what to do yet. Rayna takes the girls to see Teddy again, where she thanks him for being a good person, husband, and dad. Daphne and Maddie forgive him, and hug him. Teddy says he will plead guilty. Avery stops signing the divorce papers, and puts them away.

Scarlett says her final words to Beverly, and takes her off life support. Deacon is back home, making Scarlett's room up nice, and breaks down. Everybody comes together for Beverly's funeral. Deacon breaks down during the eulogy, so Rayna takes over for him. Zoey comes back to town in order to support Scarlett at the funeral. At the end of the ceremony, Markus Keen calls Rayna to tell her that he is on his way to Nashville and is ready to work. While Avery relieves Emily from babysitting Cadence in the park, the paparazzi takes pictures of the three of them together.

Deacon is having a hard time coping with the death of his sister, and he goes to an AA meeting to see if it will help him deal with the pain of losing Beverly; he instead decides to leave. Caleb asks Gunnar to help him finish a song that he wrote for Scarlett as a way to better communicate with her. The tabloids take notice of the pictures the paparazzi took of Avery and Emily, referring to Emily as Avery's "mystery woman.

Before Rayna begins her set at the Opry, she takes time to introduce Layla onstage but is interrupted when Markus decides to join them on stage and introduce himself as Highway 65's new artist, stealing Layla's thunder. Scarlett goes back to her mom's home in Mississippi to sort out her belongings, thinking that she will be doing this alone; instead, Deacon appears.

The two have flashbacks of their memories of Beverly. Scarlett has a meltdown and leaves when Deacon reprimands her for ending her mother's life. The two end up reconciling, and Deacon's is sorry for not being there when Scarlett had to make the tough decision to pull the plug. At the arena, Maddie spends time with Juliette and is invited onstage to sing with her, knowing that both Luke and Rayna would not be pleased.

He confronts Juliette, saying that she knows how upset Rayna will be when she find this out, adding that she shouldn't "try to play 'cool mom' with someone else's kid" just because she had abandoned her own.

In addition to spending time with Juliette, Maddie spends some alone time with Colt and decides that the two of them are ready to have sex. Avery begins to work with Markus, but tension builds when Markus fires him for "talking on the phone like a girl" and not "getting" his vision. Rayna works with Layla on her album, talks about her relationship with Jeff, and apologizes for Markus' interruption at the Opry. Jeff campaigns to be the CEO of Luke's label.

Juliette can't believe that she actually thought that something was going on between Avery and Emily. She apologies to Emily and is on her way back to Nashville when she finds out that Cadence went to the hospital.

Before she has a chance to leave, she runs into Avery who informs her that he wants a divorce and full custody of the baby. Juliette is miserable over Avery divorcing her, but agrees to everything. Rayna is mad at Maddie, and grounds her. Markus, acting as a jerk as usual, demands that Rayna produce his record.

Juliette, in a depressed haze, attacks a fan. She drinks a bottle of vodka, and gets really drunk, later trying to get hooked up with Jeff, where he tells her she deserved getting divorced. Jeff tells Gabriella, that he can fix Juliette attacking someone to a good thing for her in the press, but she would have to make him the CEO of Luke's label. Rayna tries to work with Markus, and change his sound, but he begins to act like a jerk, and storms off saying that the whole thing was a mistake. Layla is asked by Jeff to move in with him.

Deacon goes to see a tribute to Beverly where she used to sing. Markus says that Rayna needed him to help her label, but she says that is true, but he needed her, do to his attitude. Daphne doesn't want to sing because of the bad things people said about her recently. Scarlett is making sure everything in Beverly's house is packed, when she finds dozens of rejection letters from record labels.

Will performs on stage again, but with a new audience, men. Avery is worried about Juliette. Juliette is seen taking pills, downing them with alcohol, and is also seen doing drugs. Gunnar wants a relationship with the girl he met in Atlanta, but she doesn't. Markus says he gets Rayna's version of his song now, and likes it. Avery is really scared for Juliette, and goes to see Glenn.

Glenn tells him he is worried for Juliette, but she doesn't care about herself, and that Avery should cut himself off emotionally. Scarlett ends up going to Beverly's tribute event at The Landslide where she would sing , and hears that Beverly would always brag about her. Jeff gets the CEO job of Luke's label. Will tells Kevin he wishes that he didn't come out, only for Kevin to break up with him. Scarlett sings Beverly's song "Curtain Call".

Deacon makes peace with Beverly dying, and calls up his friend Frankie, offers to buy in at his bar, but only to rename it The Beverly. Colt gets drunk at Luke's party, and goes to get some air. Juliette texts Avery and says she is sorry, and goes to kill herself. Jeff sees Juliette stumbling around outside, and rushes to her. Right as she goes to fall, Jeff saves her, but the momentum of pushing her back hurls him off the ledge to his death.

The morning after Jeff falls off the roof, everyone finds out. A hung over Juliette wakes up to the cops knocking on her door to tell her about him. They ask her questions. Deacon shows Rayna his new bar. Jeff's family won't acknowledge Layla or invite her to the funeral. Colt tells Luke that he saw Juliette on the ledge of the roof and Jeff saving her which resulted in his death.

When the reporters ask Juliette how she feels she says "How do you think I feel? Luke and Gabriella get on to her for saying that, calling it an conspiracy. She tells them she just told them what the police told her.

Luke tells her that someone spotted her on the rooftop, to which she replies that she was in her room. Rayna gets worried about Layla and Deacon. Things get awkward with Avery when he looks for a new place to live.

Since the agent has no idea about their split she asks questions like if the place is for him and Juliette. Rayna and Deacon get into an argument about him, a former alcoholic, running a bar. She isn't too sure about it. Luke tells Colt that Juliette was in her room not on the roof when Jeff fell.

Right before Juliette goes on stage in Nashville she remembers what happened to Jeff. She doesn't go on stage and goes back to her dressing room. Layla takes her place and pays tribute to Jeff. Juliette admits to Luke that she was drunk, going to kill herself and that Jeff died while saving her. Rayna goes to support Deacon at his bar. Colt is warned by his father to not tell anyone the reason why Jeff died. He is not pleased with it.

Juliette goes to rehab. Maddie is going through a rough patch, dying her hair, and being rude to everyone. Markus' album is going really well. Scarlett and Gunnar are out on tour, but Scarlett feels Gunnar only cares about seeing Erin. Colt is now having trust issues with Luke, as he wants him to tell the truth. Maddie gets offered a deal from Sony, but Rayna does not want to let her take it.

Avery has no money, so he is stuck recording guitar music in for jingles. Will has been acting really weird since him and Kevin broke up. Deacon is only caring about the bar, and so much that he won't help Rayna take care of Maddie.

Gunnar continues to only care about being 'intimate' with Erin. Luke is feeling like everything that has happened, Juliette going crazy, Jeff dying, and Colt not trusting him, is all his fault. Gunnar is missing meet and greets, to have 'fun' with Erin. Luke and Gabriella decide to start dating. Caleb and Scarlett are having trouble finding time to talk. Scarlett does not like Erin, so during her performance, she keeps telling Erin to raise her vocals, but Erin accidentally causes a power outage, ruining the performance.

Will plays his song about Kevin to Avery, and Avery tells him that people should hear it, and that he should play it. Rayna and Markus connect and talk about life, and Maddie, and have a moment. Daphne hears about Maddie's solo deal, and is sad that they didn't want her, telling Maddie nobody needs her.

Deacon is not stopping trying to get his bar up and running. Gunnar and Erin have a fight, with Gunnar telling Erin it was her fault. Rayna tells Deacon that she needs his help in raising her kids, Deacon says he does not want to mess up.

Luke begins to tell Colt everything, to try to regain his trust. Will can't stand to see Avery perform his song, so he goes home.

While Avery is performing, he keeps thinking of Juliette, and how much he misses her. Rayna and Deacon have a family discussion, and tell Maddie and Daphne that Rayna will sign them to Highway Will is offered a publishing deal. Maddie tells Daphne Rayna only signed them to keep Maddie under control. Deacon sees a message on Rayna's phone from Markus, saying "I hope I helped you", leading Deacon to believe something happened.

Rayna has to go in the studio to work with Markus. While the two try to pick out a new song for Markus to record Deacon walks in. Markus asks Deacon if he can record one of his songs.

He wants to work with Will but Will isn't so sure about this because he was the guy at Juliette's CD release party who didn't want his picture taken with Will. Luke tells Gabriella to push back some things so he can spend time Colt. While the two are fishing Gabriella surprises them, Luke notices a camera man with him. He asks her about the camera man which she informs him about his Forbes magazine shoot. Colt huffs in disappointment and Luke tells him that he didn't plan on this. Avery tries to find work to pay the bills.

Daphne tries out different looks and styles for her and Maddie's photo shoot but Maddie keeps on criticizing and making fun of her. Will googles "Wade Cole anti gay" and finds out how Wade really is and how anti gay him and his wife are. Because of all this he isn't so sure that he wants Wade to record his song. Avery tells him to let Wade record it because it can make or break his career. Markus changes some of the words to Deacon's song which doesn't make him happy but lets him keep it that way.

After Deacon tells Rayna that he thinks that Markus wants to sleep with her, Rayna goes to Markus just to make it clear that Deacon is her guy. Colt leaves his dad to go live with his granddad.

The IRS informs Luke that his business manager has embezzled money from him and that he also owes forty million in back taxes. Emily visited Juliette in rehab and tells Avery that she has entered treatment for postpartum depression. Avery tells her that Juliette is just using her to get to him.

Deacon shows Scarlett the ring he will use to propose to Rayna. As Markus' album is about to be released, he starts to second guess himself. Avery doesn't want Juliette anywhere near Cadence. Caleb gets an offer to be the head of his own department in Seattle but he is going to turn it down to stay with Scarlett in Nashville. Markus kisses Rayna but she quickly pushes him away and reminds that nothing can happen between them. Boulevard is getting back together so Markus has canceled his tour and is going to move to LA.

Luke throws blame at Gabriella for all his problems but she tells him no and quits. Emily wants Avery to visit Juliette so he can see that she has change. He doesn't believe that anything has changed about her, she is just acting.

Over at Wade's house, it is revealed that Wade is gay when he puts the moves on Will. Rayna has no luck of changing Markus' mind so her label is now dead. Scarlett makes the decision to break up with Caleb so he can go to Seattle. Deacon confesses to Rayna that he was jealous of her working with Markus. He proposes to her and she says yes. Rayna and Deacon's wedding day is finally here and they plan to get married at Rayna's late mother's country property. While leaving the rehearsal dinner at the Bluebird, Rayna, Deacon, Tandy and the girls are bombarded by the paparazzi.

When one of them asks Maddie which dad is worse, Deacon has had it and goes and pushes him to the ground along with his camera. Things take a turn when the wedding planner reveals that the florist leaked the location of the wedding.

Fortunately she knows of a place where they can relocate, out of the public eye. Emily returns from visiting Juliette with Cadence and gives Avery notes to look over on what to say when people ask about Juliette's absence from the wedding.

Will's publishing deal is finished when Wade Cole put the word out that Will is difficult to work with. Maddie is concerned about her parents getting married, because sometimes Deacon can be violent as seen the night before at the Bluebird. Daphne has her reservations about the marriage too, as she's worried about being the odd one out. Deacon feels that Maddie thinks he's a monster so he drives off. Tandy expresses that she has concerns about Deacon but Rayna tells her nothing is going to stop her from marrying him.

Colt confesses the truth to Layla how Jeff really died. Rayna assures both of the girls that there is nothing to worry about and that they are a family nothing is going to tear that apart, and Deacon loves them both more than anything. As the wedding is about to start the wedding planner says that Deacon hasn't been answering his phone and offers to make an announcement.

Right then when Rayna isn't sure what to do, Deacon arrives. The two say their "I Do's. Later on she meets with Glenn about asking him to be her manager and if Avery can be her producer. Avery tries to visit Juliette but is denied due to her emotional fragility and she doesn't need any drama. He goes to work with Layla on her album, and confides in her where Juliette is. Juliette is given twenty-four hours to go public with the divorce if not Avery will.

She eventually does makes the announcement. A woman named Vita shows up at The Beverly wanting to sing, Deacon is so impressed that he has Rayna come down and listen for herself. Rayna wants to sign her but Vita would rather sing and work at The Beverly because she needs a job.

When Vita fills out the application she runs out when she sees the felony question. Rayna finds her living in car where Vita tells her that she has done some things that she's not proud of but isn't that girl anymore, Rayna encourages her to go back. After Deacon convinces his business partner Frankie to giver her another shot, Frankie is still not sure about her.

Scarlett sees Erin kissing another guy, tells Gunnar, where he then confronts Erin about it and breaks up with her. While singing on stage Will's performance is cut short by a guy who keeps yelling gay slurs and throws a beer bottle at him. Luke gets backlash from his fans because of his tax problems, accusing him of not being a "real" country guy anymore. His troubles are also hurting his tour so he gets his old friend Riff out of retirement to tour with him. To prepare for the tour Riff is scheduled to perform at The Beverly as a warm up show but things don't go smoothly when he rehearses with Luke's band.

He's rusty after all the years of not performing. She needed it to help her sister out and was going to pay it back. Maddie breaks up with Colt, and is treating Daphne not so great when she starts hanging out with Frankie's daughter Cash more. Out at the park Avery starts talking to another single parent, they get to know each other, and she invites him over to her house for dinner. Will gets on an offer from a label where all the artists are gay, and is hesitant about it.

The head of the label hasn't heard Will's music before but they're looking for a country artist and is guarantee his music will sell crazy with their demographic. Will passes because he doesn't want to be pigeonholed like that and only wants to be known as a country artist who happens to be gay.

He comes across a barista who independently released her own music so he thinks that may be the best route for him. Frankie loses his sobriety when Deacon gets credit for the bar's success. Rayna goes to see Vita but walks up to see police tape all around her car with everything instead destroyed. Juliette gets the okay to leave the treatment facility and go back home to Nashville. As soon as she gets home she has an offer for a cameo in a Steven Spielberg movie which she has to decide on.

If she takes it she'll have to be in Prague for two weeks filming it. Rayna holds a showcase for Layla to help her album get played on radio. Colt asks Luke to sign a waiver for him to join the Army, Luke tells him no because he his terrified that something will happen to him.

They talk and eventually agrees to let him join. Juliette surprises Avery, and asks if she can spend more time with Cadence now that she's home. He says no because he doesn't quite trust her yet.

Juliette agrees to do the movie but during her press conference she changes her mind so she can spend more time with her daughter. Avery gives her more time to spend with Cadence. Frankie starts drinking again but still celebrates his 15th anniversary of being sober.

During his set at the bar he is completely wasted. Deacon tells Cash to leave and pulls Frankie off stage when he starts to get worse. Frankie goes back to AA and starts back at Day 1. Rayna is worried about Vita's whereabouts and is getting no help from the police. When Will demands Luke to release his songs, Luke offers to sign him back at his label. Layla has the chance to open for a big name artist, Autumn Chase but Autumn eventually decides to go with The Ex's after hearing them perform.

Maddie gets the idea to sneak out and play at cafe's after hearing that Cash used to do that. She lies to Deacon and says that she's going to see Cash play. The Ex's prepare for their first show with Autumn Chase. Since there are no tours for Layla to go out on, Rayna suggests that she'll start up her own tour so Layla can open for her.

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Ramirez has earned numerous decorations, awards and citations in his year military career. Daphne doesn't want to sing because of the bad things people said about her recently. Upon graduation, he was advanced to petty officer second class and transferred to Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Illinois. The 6-foot-4, pound Webb fought through injuries his senior year but played quarterback and strong safety and helped the Wildcats advance to the Class 2A, Division I regional playoffs. During his set at the bar he is completely wasted. They have such an amazing program, not only in the field but in the classroom, and that's what made me make my decision.