Casual meets craigslist w4m personal ads

casual meets craigslist w4m personal ads

A phone number is increasingly useful in recreating a person's identity. Ok, im looking for a man. U need to have a place to host. Im very beautiful and fun and sexy.

Im safe and not looking for unsafe stuff. Plz dont text and ask for my pic. No sreenshots, no bs, im real. Im discreet and no trouble. Let try this guys. These people are plying a trade and I guess these posts are from a mixed bag of people who are just what they say they are.

You can normally spot these by their length and some level of detail about themselves and combined with specifics about what they are looking for. This is helpful when they use different come-ons to attract response.

Either of which are probably not what any guy is looking to engage with. This is part and parcel of the scams here, the photos can be used to regenerate your identity or simply the person is collecting photos because that's their hobby. Again, engaging with them is not going to produce a positive result. Engaging with these people seems very counter productive at best and dangerous at the worse.

Nice to look at, but overwhelmingly not actual photos of a woman you are going to engage with. My advice to guys on this site is to guard your identity with every click. Every time you send a photo of yourself or your phone number or your real email address, think about this: Would you want that phone number used as tool to recreate your identity?

Do you want some hacker busting in to your email account? Seems to me we need the "real" women here to implement a special code to use in their ads, something that we can simply use in search to help. We can make this a safer environment, if we all work together! I have used it in the past and will just not send phone info I am busy, give me yours and I will call you in a few or photo I have decoy pics and will not send it to the CL address, onlly to a real address. I've messed with men posting an ad as well, to see what's out there in terms of competition.

I was 'impressed' at how little info men want to give, bad pics, short emails, they want to call you, they can not 'hosts' huh? So yes, men are protecting themselves but in a slightly different way than what you and I would consider. CL is bottom feeding of dating, but it works well for specific fetishes. I have standard email replies written up so i can communicate the first 3 emails without much effort and time. CL does work, you need to be careful and invest some upfront time.

All of this should begin to stand out to anyone who's spent a handful of nights or more exploring casual encounters. A couple things that weren't mentioned that should be are;.

Create an entirely new email for your CL late night freak business. This keeps your actual email clean and protected. As far as the "real" women implementing a new code.. The real code is to describe something, some place about the city you're advertising in that only a local who's lived there would know.

I list something to the effect of "The mayfair district is home to many folks who live an alternative lifestyle. Hey, just got ur message back abouy my ad, i got a whole lot of emails from that lol Also notice how the scammer didn't include a link to ant website. This is just to make the victim believe they are talking to an actual person.

So I replied to that email with my test email and here is what I got back: I am interested in something thats NSA.. I also want to keep this discreet. About my age, yeah, I am young in my mid 20s but im definately hungry for someone with experience.

I guess the best way to make plans is to give me a call. You dont seem like one but you can never be too careful. When you're done, my number is right there. You can either text me or call me so that we can make plans.

Kayla sounds so sweet doesn't she. Since this ad was in the casual encounters section, the scammer can assume that most people want to be discreet, and so does Kayla. The link in this email brought the victim to a site called CraigSecure.

This website is a known fraud site and has stolen money from many unsuspecting victims. I then replied to that email with my test email and got this reply: Im free if you wanna get together. About the credit card thing on that site, i joined it 5 months ago and ive never been charged Its like a safety verification to make sure ur not a sex offender She has used it herself in the past with no issues.

In reality, the first site will pay the scammer a bigger commission for every new person that submits their details. But since a lot of people don't want to give their credit card number, Kayla was nice enough to tell us about another site in this email.

In reality, she will also get a commission for every new member that signs up to that site as well. The commission just won't be as much as the other site. I replied with my test email and received this: This was one final effort to get us to sign up so the scammer could collect a commission.


Casual meets craigslist w4m personal ads

: Casual meets craigslist w4m personal ads

Craigslist personals encounters personal adult ads Sydney There's technically another section for that — "Adult Services," formerly "Erotic Services" — but that's not the only place you'll find practitioners of the world's oldest profession. We're using cookies to improve your experience. The link in this email brought the victim to a site called CraigSecure. To be honest, I doubted the veracity of the claims. A couple things that weren't mentioned that should be are; Create an entirely new email for your CL late night freak business. DDF means "drug and disease free" this is big in M4M encounters. Amidst all those failures, I had one near-success.
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Casual meets craigslist w4m personal ads