Escort etiquette adult

escort etiquette adult

You should seek and participate in communities and forums that meet your specialties. Look for local forums that specialize in your services, and then participate without spamming your link. Offer suggestions such as etiquette and the traffic to your site will come naturally.

Snapchat now allows linking your website to your snaps, which can drive an immense amount of traffic to your adult escort website. Google can be the best tool to spy on your competition. This is your main competition. Building relevant links with other escorts is a key strategy to move your site up the search engine rankings. Create a list of the top ranking sites in your local area and for your specialty services.

Email each of these sites with a personal message asking to exchange links. Despite the competition in the market, many sites will be more than happy to exchange links to build community in the escort world.

When it comes to marketing your adult escort website, you need a partner who is fluent in adult SEO service and knows how to use many strategies, both black hat and white hat. Our escort SEO solutions will increase quality traffic from Google and other search engines, generate high quality leads for your business, and help you rank above competitors in online search. Some escort websites has an appointment request form that you need to fill out and provide information requested by the escort herself.

This is where most clients make their first mistake by not following instructions. If the escort does not have a request form and only has an email or contact number then use this to initiate contact. Make your email simple, put Appointment Request with your name in the subject line to get her attention right away. Avoid using lines like I need it bad or Please do me.

Being respectful is always a good idea if you want a response from an escort. Most escorts would want to meet you in a public place for the first time, while there are others who will come right into your room.

There are those also who prefer to have a quick fifteen to twenty minutes of getting to know each other moment over a drink the day before the actual date. During this time, the escort will give you her contact number. Avoid sounding needy and do not call her all the time before the date.

Some escorts can be talkative as well and will call you a few times, while others may only call once or twice, so make sure to follow her lead and respect her.

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There is no such thing as being too cautious in protecting yourself and your chosen escort. For your convenience, terms and conditions are accessible via website. It is important you read the terms as no two agencies are alike. If you happen to land on a website which does not provide access to their terms and conditions, then this should immediately raise red flags for you to forgo and move on.

I cannot stress enough the importance of familiarizing yourself with their terms and conditions. Read them through and thoroughly. This first rule will ensure your night will go according to plan.

Know what you want in advance. Your date cannot read your mind, and she definitely cannot tell you what needs you want filled. Be concise, precise and set boundaries. More than likely your date will appreciate your forwardness, and time could be better spent with her orally expressing her gratitude than playing the guessing game.

Do not discuss her private life. You are not there to become thunder buddies for life. She there for companionship not a romantic relationship. Escorts are high-paid, high-value females who look better than your average televised supermodel. Wash Your Body — As a male, you need to understand that you stink more and in ways you may be unaware of.

As humans, we have natural scents that we are immune to because we are accustomed to our own bodies and environments. This goes for men and women alike which is why high-end men and women — including South American chicks — take showers daily, especially during the hot summer months. Before your appointment, try to rid your body of any toxins beforehand and always wash your body.

Though some escorts do not think of it as a big deal, the high-value ones always think of it as a big deal. To these females, there is nothing worse than a hairy, flabby bastard who reeks of body odor with his dick and armpits smelling like potato bread or hummus dip. Do Your Research — Doing your research involves a number of things.

For one, find an internet review board and read the reviews. Beware of fake reviews and reviewers who pedestal mediocre females.

Use Google search for phone numbers and photos. This protects you from scam artists, including bitches who may scam you and persons using photos of various ladies to lure you in and waste your time. Attracted to a lady who has no reviews? Proceed at your own risk. I am not responsible if you get into any mischief! Avoid Streetwalkers and Asian Massage Parlors — Without regurgitating what Advocatus Diaboli has mentioned previously, I just want to add that unfortunately, these women have found their way into the interwebs to avoid persecution and I mentioned that here.

The difference between an escort and a streetwalker is that escorts have higher-costs, have indoor practices and enjoy their line of work or need money to pay for medical school or to pay her car bills. Streetwalkers have psychological problems, untreated STDs and do not enjoy their profession and do so to support drug habits.

Most people who patronize streetwalkers and massage parlors are the thirsty, bottom-of-the-barrel guys, which includes dingy blue-collar guys and the neighborhood dope-boy gangsters. In regards to Asian Massage Parlors, they are very easy targets for sting operations for the fact that they are open to the general public, plus permanent locations and even simple word-of-mouth. I have never visited one and do not intend to, even though I am attracted to Asian women.

Most females in that line of work are attitudinal, old, wrinkled hags who look worse than white suburbanite cougars and are FOBs Fresh Off the Boat who are clueless about how things work in the USA. How to Recognize Hookers From Escorts — Hookers usually have drug problems so massive to where if you read between the lines, you can see it in their eyes and notice their damaged, cellulite-laced skin with nasty bruises and marks on them.

These scum wear the most tackiest, skimpiest wardrobe and they either look like your average, ghetto babymama or zoned-out groupies at Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love concerts. In some cases, it may not be noticeable because some of them use outdated photos and do not bother to post updated photos of themselves.

Another instance is if she looks much older than she really is. Always trust your instincts and read between the lines. Street hookers take their money and give it straight to the local dopeman. Avoid Gossip — There is nothing wrong with developing strong relationships with your favorite ladies. While some escorts engage in conversation with clients providing she enjoys their company and the client is not socially inept , understand that there are certain topics that you should never discuss with them.

This includes — but not limited to — politics, potions and gossip about other providers, which includes devaluing a shitty provider you may have seen in the past. While some providers may side-in and agree with you at the time, she may be patronizing you.

Keep in mind that in certain cities and towns, certain providers may know eachother on a platonic level and the word can always get out somehow, unless the provider you are seeing has personal beefs with other providers who you are throwing under the bus to her. In short, refrain from talking too much. This can get your ass blacklisted. This is where PDE5 inhibitor performance enhancer drugs come in.

Even some men who have no need for them choose to take them for their own personal reasons. Contact your physician and see whether or not it is right for you. They are absolutely not suitable for persons with heart conditions and high blood pressure. Take them on an empty stomach and an hour before your encounter. Never take these with any other supplements, nor the same day you have consumed fatty meals, excessive alcohol and grapefruit juice!

Always Use Condoms — Always use condoms. Granted, some escorts may have unprotected sex with several clients in the past for whatever reason. That said, even if she gets tested regularly like women in the porn industry once every months , she may not inform you if she happens to have an STD for various reasons.

Do not use your mouth on just anyone. Like to dine out? Use dental dams, unless you are for sure she is not only disease free and hygienically correct and only if she is worth it.

Even for regular casual sex encounters, how many people are stupid enough to go raw-dog in someone who they have not been acquainted with for more than several months?! Some providers understand the art of faking it while others are more sincere and genuine when it comes to their receptivity to orgasms, whether you are capable of providing her with one or not.


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