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F, 26 - Sydney, NSW. Send her a flirt! Amg's dating profile Location: Craigie , Perth , Western Australia , Australia. Friends Network , Craigie Women seeking Men. Premium member - message for free! I've met maybe a dozen women from okc within about 6 months.

My girlfriend who I very much so love I met on okc. Couldn't have been more successful for me. Women would probably message me once or twice a week. And I agree only a small portion, maybe a third of women would respond If I messaged them first. To the point where I'd stop messaging women sometimes and only respond to the ones I liked. ONLY reply to women you like. Make yourself an luxury commodity by creating the false sense of scarcity with your response rate. Look for a date after only messages back and forth.

Women will flake otherwise, and when you do get a date you will be have more topics to discuss. Send long messages, like 3 paragraphs. Don't comment on their appearance, with the exception of tattoos or piercings. Ask about school, work, and travel.

It's okay to talk about books. Say amusing things in your profile like: But hate oxford commas" and you think "Sex with socks on is creepy and weird and that black socks make it extra weird. I, a girl, am most likely to respond if I get a message that mentions music that we both like.

Also, the first thing I look at on a profile is the music section. Perhaps I am weird. I find your statement fascinating because nearly every woman's profile I've read on OKCupid puts a heavy emphasis on music. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure I've ever met a couple whose musical interests were polar opposites. I have had three meet ups in the last two weeks from OKC and they all looked nothing like their pics, I mean wtf. I keep updated pics, if you don't find me attractive fine, but I am there to meet people, so what is the point of using old pics?

I met my wife on OKC. We've been together for 5 years now, married for 2 and a half. She also gave me a beautiful daughter.

I've had some luck by applying their tips on how to make a good okcupid profile, updating one or two things on the profile every week or so, and messaging every person who interests me with either something unique or "You're cute and have good taste in x, we should meet" where x is something we had in common.

Tons of dates, one new friend, and two fuckbuddies later I would say I recommend it if you put in the effort outside of Okc to enjoy life as well. I also usually try to keep online chatting short and meet as soon as possible without being desperate about it. It seriously cuts down on flakes. That was the impression I got from OKCupid. Sure, there were lots of men, but I didn't want to talk to most of them let alone meet them.

I talked to everyone who sent a polite, individualized, grammatically correct response - even if it was just to say "thank you for messaging me, but we don't seem compatible. After we talked for a while a lot of people Most of the "matches" in my area are guys who love V8 cars, football, beer, "don't like to read much" and often can't spell a sentence.

Is this for real? As a gay man, I can pick any random gay site, even if it's crap and small and find some penis in like, 5 clicks.

I could literally head to gay. One thing I noticed about homosexuality is that your potential sex partner shares the same sex drive and tendencies as you do, at least in the case of males. In my case, women are a whole different world, don't think of sex the same way as guys, etc. As a bisexual guy, I've noticed this as well. With other guys, sex is frequent, undramatic, intense and overall pressure-free and fun.

With women though, it's infrequent, complicated, and often has some kind of tension or series of reciprocal needs that have to be worked through at some point. Maybe if you're white knighting them all.

The women are there for sex, act like you are too and don't beat around the bush. I've fucked dozens of substantially hot and freaky women from AFF. And also to not spam send out the same message to a hundred girls. Seriously, It may seem like "work, work. The male to female ratio is, at best, You'd have more luck with okcupid or something.

Agreed, and keep in mind that even with okcupid the odds are pretty low. Watching that subreddit can be depressing. It really kills a lot of folks self esteem. That's so funny, and pretty much what I hear all over the place, but both my wife and her sister met their husbands on OKCupid, four of our best friends met their partners there, and a few more of each of our friends had successful short- and long-term relationships from OKC. Interestingly, the only person that I know is on OKCupid and hasn't met anyone is responsible for getting at least 5 people married by forcing them to sign up for OKC.

It's a cruel world Son, if you're 23 I have some words of wisdom for you. I'm almost old enough to be your dad and my boy and I talk pretty regularly about how the world works so I hope you don't take offense to my tone, it's meant to be helpful.

You need very few things at your age to meet a wonderful woman, but it's a quest. Think of it that way. You're Link, or Luke, or some other hero of the story. First you must unlock the mystery of self confidence. This is like pulling the sword out of the stone. Only the one true king can do it, but you just didn't know that was you the whole time because you were afraid to try.

Not that PUA shit, things that actually make you a better person, not a manipulative jackass. It's been a while, but I remember those as being very helpful to me in life. Because most people are not socialized well and they are taught to believe they deserve things they don't without effort.

You need to know how to be comfortable talking to people. Learn how to not over share. Relax in your own skin. Be genuinely interested in what someone else has to say. If you have problems with having a conversation with a woman, maybe you're just fucking boring.

Have some hobbies and passions. Work out for God's sake, make your body look good. Do you like being with attractive women? Well, make yourself attractive. Even if your face is a mess, if you take care of yourself it tells someone else "this is a guy that takes care of himself". It will help you. Now that you're a good communicator, have healthy self esteem, and have become more physically active we need to talk about your career. I've had a strong six figure job and a self esteem that was shit and couldn't get a date.

I've also been a struggling artist and had to almost literally fight dates off. The big difference was passion. It was all what was going on in my head. If you hate your job reconsider it, maybe you're in survival mode for money but whatever it is you choose to do, you choose it , and you make it something you can be enthusiastic about.

Mind, body, and soul is important, but the impressions are very, very important. Dress well for fucks sake. Everyone in a first world country can clean up. Have at least one outfit that makes you feel good. Polish your shoes, or at least clean your sneakers if that's your thing.

If you're a punk with a mohawk then there's a different but similar thing going on, it boils down to making yourself feel good about you first. If you feel good about yourself you will emanate something that is attractive.

You'll be more confident, and that will lead to Talk to women in real life. I'm not saying that it's a catch all solution to your problem, but if your goal when talking to women online is to eventually meet them in real life, you could always cheat the system and practice talking to them in the real world too. If you setup an okcupid or whatever account you're saying hi to a woman who has probably been hit on 30 times in the past day.

If you go to a nice club, with a haircut and clean clothes and approach a woman, she may have only been talked to by a few guys in the past hour. The real world is where it's at. Use dating sites to practice having conversations, but its a sucker's game. Go get scared, screw up, grow some confidence, and meet people in the world. If you're a virgin your body is going to be so excited to have sex the first time you're going to be rubbish.

You can't expect to be an expert at something you're just trying for the first time. Make sure you go down on her first. Don't watch porn to learn how to do this, read some of the great posts here about it.

Have lots of foreplay. Be a repeat performer. You'll get the hang of it, but make her pleasure important to you. I want to keep up with helping out but I can't respond to every pm as well as I would like. I thought a subreddit where other Dads could pitch in might be helpful. There's a terrible lack of positive, older men who can give life advice out there.

Frankly, my Dad passed away 10 years ago and I'd still like to ask him some things now and then. I hope it helps. I'll do as much as I can to help it to be a good place. I could not agree more.

There is this weird mentally, especially on circlejerking places like Reddit, that somehow you deserve to have all the things you want. That you deserve that awesome woman or man that you only dare to stare at from a distance. That you deserve the great body, healthy skin, perfect job, high pay, amazing holidays, the new computer or your dream fulfilled. There is no one in the universe that looks at you and says "well, you deserve to have all these things, I am going to give them to you".

You don't deserve anything. If you can read this you probably already had many great things thrown at you for which you didn't do a thing. A good education, loving parents, food, shelter, a computer, maybe even a good spot in university or a good job. If you want to be the person that you want to be - do something for it. You don't know people? How could you if you waste your time on Reddit or with porn? Go and get a hobby, join a club, do something that you haven't done before. You can't tell jokes?

You don't like your job? Find a new one. You don't have the skills? Find out what skills you want - and learn it. You want to find an attractive partner? Become an attractive partner first. I am annoyed by Reddit, or, to say it more precise: By the attitude of a large part of the youth today.

By the beliefs that people here hold. My favourite is the "Need work experience to find a job" thing that comes up every now or then. Why do they look for people with work experience? Because any employer knows that those who don't have work experience are probably at fault themselves. They are the self-entitled ones who believe that food should fly in their mouths, and that their great inner values are enough to become great, no work needed.

Sure, there might be one or two who would deserve better luck - but likely, when you are honest with yourself, you are probably not one of them.

The most ridiculous and sexist concept I have ever heard of. Yes, it's now applied in both directions, but traditionally it is that a woman "puts" a "nice" guy in the friendzone. She is so hot and he likes her so much. And he does nice things for her. Why doesn't she love him for the things he does? Why is she so cruel? Well, it's because he is an idiot. He believes that you can buy attraction.

Do you fall in love with a girl just because she occasionally helps you out? You fall in love because of looks and character and her behaviour and likely because of a well formed personality. She is an interesting person, that's why you feel attracted to her, why you want to spend time with her.

And, sure, some women might more or less consciously exploit that. But that doesn't change the matter:. If you believe that somebody else ought to love you because you do something nice for them; if you believe that somebody else needs to feel a certain way because of things you do - then you are an idiot. If you are unhappily in the friendzone - you are an idiot, plain and simple. Deal with it, accept that you have a good friend, and move on.

Or try and take the relationship to a new level. But don't whine how cruel the girl is because she doesn't let you hump her even when you fix her computer. Do you deserve anything? Is there a "fair" universe - where fair means biased in your favour - that gives you all the things you want?

If you are on Reddit whining about your lack of friends or partner or your horrible job - then consider for a moment whether you are part of the problem, whether it is not your fault rather than the rest of the world being rude to you. Yes yes, it's not easy. Oh, you sent 70 applications and still no one took you? Did you ever consider that maybe you are not interesting enough for them to take you? Maybe it's not your lack of experience, mabye it's your horrible spelling, your lack of skills, your subtle disrespect for them, or any other of a million things.

Maybe you are just unlucky, there are a few of those - but, if you are honest with yourself, the chance that you are one of them is small. Most people are socialised in this "get it all" society. Instant gratification through TV and fast food and those fake achievements of games that come in exactly that interval that keeps you hooked. Life doesn't work like that. Clicking a button and doing fun things will rarely make you successful.

Hard work, that's where it's at. Of course, even hard work doesn't guarantee anything. You need to invest it wisely. You need to be willing to make sacrifices. You need to stay strong. You want to lose those lb? Well, good for you that you exercise 15 minutes a day. Bad for you that you say yes to all those donuts and chips. People fail because they expect instant rewards.

You avoid that donut and in return you wake up in the morning and your trousers fit. You start reading a book on French and the next day you can talk fluently. You can sit in front of your computer, doing your job with average results while you spend time on reddit - and you still think you deserve a raise?

You wake up and don't bother to shower but still expect people to enjoy your company? You spend your nights all at home playing video games and still you expect to be able to have interesting discussions with other people?

You, if you are that person, are an idiot. You don't deserve good things, you work for them. The whole concept of "deserving" something, punishment or reward, is based on an ancient logic that there is somebody watching over us who can read your mind and rewards you for merely being good and punishes you for merely being bad.

Well, guess what, you can get away with stealing when you do it right. And you can suffer for doing good things, if you do it wrong. Get that in your head: The world is not fair. The World Is Not Fair. There is no fairness, no justice. And you should be happy about that, because else probably you would be starving and not the Indian farmer who works 14 hours a day to feed his family and still half his children die from diarrhea and he himself with 30 from starvation.

But chances are you are not. You can be the person you want to be. If you work for it. Your application keeps getting refused? Ask them for candid feedback, not to be nice. Go out and meet people? Oh, but your friends want to go to McDonalds?

Nice excuse for lack of wilpower. You don't know how to cook? Go get a life. You hate your town? I hear you, I really do. You say "it's not that easy" or maybe "you just don't understand my situation" or "I'm trying my best..

My answer is simple: You are an idiot. You don't understand, you refuse to understand a simple fact: The world is not skewed in your favour. Life is not supposed to be easy, it is not supposed to be any way. There are no checkpoints along the way, or small boxes with rewards - life is not a video game. It is hard, it is sometimes unfair, it is sometimes difficult, even painful. But if you don't like it the way there is only one option.

Only one, and unless you accept that you will fail over and over again, you will be unhappy for all your life:. If you don't like the way things are - fight with all your power to change it. You can't find happiness, you have to create it. You don't deserve breaks. You don't deserve a pat on the back. You don't deserve that snickers. You don't deserve those new shoes. You don't "deserve" anything. You need to choose where you want to be, and then you need to work your way towards it.

Someday you might succeed. Or maybe you don't. But you know one thing: If you never try you will always fail, every day, every hour, every second. You need to work for the things you want. Of course you can't achieve everything. Of course not everybody can be president. But for those things that any person dreams of - a good partner, a nice place, a good job and a healthy social life, and for most other dreams that people might hold: You are not magically entitled to have it.

You need to work for it. There is no alternative. And if you believe there is, if you believe you are entitled to something, to anything - then you are, plain and simple, an idiot. Do you act and think as if you are entitled? Do you believe that you deserve things to be better? Then, my friend, you are wrong.

Then, my friend, you need to learn that the world is not a good and gentle place. The world is a neutral place. But I haven't seen a person yet who cannot improve his lot by working hard on improving it. Those who work hard may not be guaranteed to succeed. But those who don't work at anything are guaranteed to fail. I wish I could upvote this a billion times. Particularly regarding the below. It's a phrase I haven't really heard of outside of Reddit, and when I've asked some of my male friends what that is, they started laughing at it.

A gem from one of them is: Or he'll just pay for it. The most powerful and honestly written piece I've seen in a very long time. I appreciate and respect your strong attitude and passion for telling us what you think. It pretty much sums up the way I aim to live my life and reminds me how much I'm failing right now.

Your words will stick with me for a long time and im gonna strive to be my best knowing that I am my only creator in this life. I'm sure if you keep this attitude you will at some point start to follow through. I am not always living up to my own ideals, but then, occasionally, when I see one of the things that is wrong with me, I am reminded that I have to keep working.

That going home and playing games or watching movies will make me forget my problems for a while, but they will stay unsolved and only hit me harder.

I'm far from perfect but I think with the right attitude and with directed effort not just random hard work, but planned, directed hard work I can move towards the person I want to be.

This is what hit me the hardest growing up. When you are a kid everything's lined up for you: In your head it all happens to everyone and automatically. The guy who tells you "oh it was easy to get this job" is likely omitting little details that led him there. Nothing happens on its own. Just because everyone else has a job, an iPhone, a partner, whatever doesn't mean you get one or that it was easy for them.

But don't whine about how cruel the girl is. Life is not supposed to be easy , it is not supposed to be any way. Only one, and unless you accept that you will fail over and over again , you will be unhappy for all your life:.

This should damn well be the top comment. As someone who lost their father this is the type of advice I miss. Do people really have talks like this with their fathers? It seems like it would be easier to say these things and hear them to someone you're less involved with.

Part of the reason American culture and to a lesser degree Canada is such a mess is due to the fact that we explicitly do not talk about sex. We sell it, we glamorize it, we shove it down everyone's throats, we glorify unrealistic body proportions and impossible sexual performance, we do everything in the god damn world except actually talk about sex with our children.

So of course we're shocked and horrified that there's a "cultural dissonance" between perceived culture and modern youth. We purposefully remain ignorant to the damage this culture causes to the sense of identity and self worth to youth men, and only barely address it towards young women making token acknowledgements towards basic feminism while still telling them they must be attractive porn stars or they are undesirable.

To take this rant a step further, we're completely comfortable showing mass murder and gratuitous violence on television, and hyper-sexualized imagery, yet people still react violently towards basic honest nudity.

Thousands are outraged at the sight of a nipple. We're more comfortable with the image of an atom bomb exploding than two men kissing. In the United States teen pregnancy is the highest in the entirety of the developed world, yet parents do not talk about sex openly with their children, they give them a basic birds and bees talk and then expect them to learn about the details in school. Yet these same schools have handicapped programs that often focus on abstinence only education.

Countless young americans are heading out into the world with little sexual guidance beyond what they've soaked up from hollywood and culture at large. It's no wonder amidst this hodge-podge of conflicting and degrading messages that we have youth that are entirely lost or fucked up. Often times they'll search for guidance anywhere they can find it.

Often times this means turning to the internet. Yet how is that any better? Instead of talking to their parents they go online at the age of 12 and fap or schlick. I appeal to you, the next generation. Please talk with your kids about sex. Not just the act or the process. I mean be open and speak casually about it. Even if you're uncomfortable with it. Talk about the way sex shapes our perceptions.

Let your kids actually know the facts about sex. Let them feel comfortable and natural with their own sexuality instead of ashamed by it. Give them the knowledge they need to ensure that you will never worry about a son wondering if his performance time is too short, or a daughter who worries "she's not doing it right".

Empower them, and help prevent them from being a victim. In Canada we talk about sex very explicitly. We just call it the "ol' hokey doke with the poke poke in the nope nope". I am officially referring to it as this and only this from now on.

I don't care what my girlfriend or anyone else thinks! She was embarassed to talk about getting the pill to her mom, since she was on her health care or something. The entire talk was awkward and they generally avoid it. Coming from the netherlands I find all that very weird, because I grew up in Oklahoma and know exactly where your gf is coming from pun sort of intended. Maybe not dirty in the moral sense of the word, but in the wet, slimy sense of the word, it's very dirty: After my first time sleeping with my partner, my father came up to me and asked "You fucked her yet?

Parents don't want their kids to start having random sex with their friends, and that intention itself is not a bad thing. EDIT--Let me explain this a bit, since people are taking it a bit wrong. Sex in itself will not hurt people emotionally, and people enjoying sex is not slutty. It's more than just "let's have some fun" but much less than "once you do you're doomed forever," a thought that sticks to too many people in the US.

I've seen way too many people be hurt by those who used sex to manipulate and damage them. However, the sex itself isn't the problem, it's the person behind it and their own selfish intentions.

Lots of people blame the sex and not the person, which is totally wrong. I do apologize for this not coming out right the first time, hopefully this explains what I'm getting at a bit better Parents in the US think that seeing a boob on TV will automatically addict their children to pornography, so instead of explaining these things to kids, they stay silent and either attempt to shield them which doesn't ever work or pretend that nothing ever happened.

Neither of those outcomes help, because kids need education and they will get it from somewhere, which usually ends up being the Internet nowadays.

Parents, especially in the Bible Belt, try their hardest to raise their children to grow up not looking at women with constant lust well, that's true pretty much everywhere, but in the South it's taught differently. How do they do it? By avoiding the issue whenever possible, and occasionally reciting some Bible verses to make their kids feel guilty.

Reciting verses alone out of context is stupid and dangerous, and without explanation, it's useless. Too many parents think that because their kids go to church every Sunday, they won't go off doing teenager-like things the rest of the week, thus eliminating the need to teach their own kids about sex.

Again, this leads back to the fact that the Internet ends up teaching kids sex through pornography. Being raised from a pretty stereotypically middle-class Christian family in the US, going through the entire growing-up process, finding-a-girlfriend process, and the getting-married process, I can see exactly when and where people go wrong. Note these are generalizations here: Guys who get excellent guidance from their fathers end up being respectable, generous, kind young men who treat women dearly.

Guys who had parents that didn't care usually end up trying to screw as many women as possible, because that's what the Internet tells them. Girls who grew up with parents who were moderately protective, who were involved with their daughter's lives but not too much , and who actually talked to them end up becoming very loving, respectful, generous, and exciting women.

Girls who had parents give them everything they wanted tend to end up being lazy, selfish, and entirely too slutty. Girls who had parents not ever talk to them end up being equally as slutty, not because of selfish desire, but because they want the affection and attention they never got from their parents.

Moderation, parents, moderation is key. Don't freak out by a boob on TV, but don't just let your kids do anything they want. I was also raised in a "stereotypical middle-class Christian family".

My sex talk went like this when I was in middle school: Dad while at the bbq grill: Well, we battle trying to keep religion out of politics every day. When election comes, a majority of voters talk more about how 'christian' they are. So nudity on tv is definitely a no no, of course you are right though, we can talk about war and death and see guts on tv but sex talk is just something you shouldn't do.

I am guilty of this, it's uncomfortable to talk about this with my parents since I was raised to keep it quiet. Of course I grew up learning from my older brothers mistakes by getting his gf pregnant in high school and watching them raise their kids. You can't subscribe to it, but you can bookmark it.

As an American woman whose sex talk with her mom was only "boys are only looking for a wet place to stick their dick" I whole heartedly agree. Oh it was truthful, but getting sex info from other year old girls wasn't really the best way to learn about it. My mom literally sat me down and asked me to write down what I thought sex was.

She then went into extreme detail on what sex was, how pregnancy happens and ways to avoid it. She told me to wait until marriage which did no happen, and she didn't wait either I have been with my boyfriend since we were 14 so about 10 years now and I was 17 when I lost my virginity. I have always been able to tell her anything.

I always thought the talk my mom had with me was the norm, but no one else seemed to have such a talk with one of their parents. You sir, are correct. My father never even had the talk with. Of course, I had the internet and the common sense to stay safe. It also helps that I overweight and too critical. As Americans when we see a bare boob on nationalized TV we flip shit. I don't know why. Oh yeah thats right we are fucked up when it comes to priorities.

Know how to order a proper drink. Have two pairs of nice shoes you keep clean. Wear a nice watch. Buy an inexpensive suit and get it tailored. Light on the cologne. Work out at least once a week. Look people in the eye.

Give a firm handshake, and don't forget to smile. I have a fairly healthy relationship with my father. He's not a talker like this. He bought me my first box of condoms though. That was nice of him. My son doesn't want to talk about these things, he also didn't want medicine when he was little.

You need to do both as a dad even if you get a grimace. I didn't mean to be condescending. My immediate family is very close and open. I always took it for granted, but the older I get the more I appreciate it.

Lost my dad at 13, went through so many horrible experiences that a little bit of fatherly advice could have prevented.

Something you need to realize is that everyone is human, including your father. He didn't do this to you or to hurt you. He had a serious lapse in moral judgement but he was there in your life to make sure you were provided for. While he is the one who ultimately stepped out of the marriage, there is probably a lot more to the story than you will ever deserve to know.

If I were to sit you down across from your father with you being silent and him saying in his most sincere way that he was sorry for hurting you, and then I drew a pistol and shot him in the back of the head, would you truly be happy? I know what it feels like to wish that on my father. I won't go into detail but it took me 20 years, almost longer than you've been alive boy, to finally sit him down, scream at him for what he put me through for four hours, and then forgive him. I am not religious, this forgiveness had nothing to do with god or heaven or allah or zen or whatever; this forgiveness was me accepting that my father was human and that even through all the shit he was there for me, and appreciating him for that fact.

Shit just happens and we have to roll with the punches. You are angry at me right now for telling you what some deep part of you knows to be true. You will fight it, perhaps for years, perhaps decades. When you think about it randomly in a year it will make you angry and you will not be able to focus on anything all day.

But let me tell you that when and if you are finally able to let go, a weight that you didn't know was there for the majority of your adult life will be lifted and a bile that has been eating at you will be nullified. My dad I love him to death to this day , is a hard core born again Christian. His sex advice to me was "boy, it's a sin to have sex before marriage, but you shouldn't get married before you turn If you're a virgin you're body is going to be so excited to have sex the first time you're going to be rubbish.

Here's what I'd add to this -- the first time with a woman, it's not about you getting off. It's about her getting off. This also applies to gay guys. Forget you have a dick. Do everything you can with your hands and your mouth to drive her over the top. Touch and lick and play with all the bits, eat her like a hungry puppy with a steak, work those nipples like you're trying to tune in the playoffs on a cheap radio in a canyon, make her beg for mercy, then don't stop.

Your goal is to make her cum so hard that she forgets her own name. Manage that, and she'll probably return the favor.

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